Should I Buy a New or Used Excavator?

Almost every construction project starts with digging. That's why excavators are such a multipurpose equipment that many contractors consider purchasing. These massive machines are used for utility work, mining, landscaping, pluming and general constructions.

Brand new excavators can be incredibly expensive. In actuality, they're one of the most expensive pieces of construction equipment. To counteract this price, they're made of such high quality that they will last several decades. This begs the question that everyone considering purchasing an excavator will undoubtedly ask: should I buy new or used?

Should I Buy a New Excavator?

Excavators come in many different sizes and are manufactured by different companies. Both of these factors go into creating the final price. A new full-sized excavator can run half a million dollars, whereas smaller excavators can cost one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

You'll also have to be aware of the different accessories that you'll need to make full use of your new excavator. You'll likely receive the standard bucket/digging tool. However, if you need different sizes of bucks, rakes, blades or hydraulic hammers, you'll have to spend more money.

If you can handle the price, there are some great benefits of buying a new excavator:

  • Advanced technology. Technology is constantly advancing in every industry, and excavators are no exception. Buying a brand new excavator allows you to access the latest tech available. Your new excavator be easier to operate, more fuel efficient and designed to enhanced productivity.  
  • More choices. Buying anything new means you'll have more options than buying used. You can select the perfect size for your needs and select the attachments that you'll be needing. You can also skip on the upgrades that you don't deem necessary.  
  • The warranty. Every new excavator sold will come with a warranty. Every warranty will vary, but most will mean you won't have to pay for any repairs for the first year, if not longer.

Should I Buy a Used Excavator?

The only benefit to buying a used excavator is the decreased price. However, you won't be receiving a warranty, your choices will be limited and the technology may be outdated. Perhaps most detrimental is that your used excavator will not be as reliable as a new one.

The answer is pretty straightforward: buy new if you can afford it. If not, spend time shopping around for a used one and inspect the excavator carefully before making your purchase.