Less-Noticeable Safety Features You Should Consider When Buying A New Pickup Truck

Anytime that you go out and purchase a new truck, there are several things that you will be taking into consideration. You will likely want to know about fuel economy, engine power and longevity, and especially vehicle safety ratings of the specific model you are looking at. While it is likely that any auto dealer or car salesman can give you a rating that has been provided by a pickup truck's manufacturer, what you may not get is an in-depth description of all safety features that make a vehicle top-rated in this category. Here are a few of the less-noticeable safety features you should be looking for while you shop for a pickup truck.

Sufficient Window Height - Full-sized pickups usually sit higher from the ground than more compact vehicles, such as cars or even minivans. This means that you, as the driver, should have the best visibility range possible to see everything on lower levels around you. Because of this, window height in specific models becomes a very important safety feature. Taller windows will give you a better view of what your surroundings are, which could easily help prevent an accident.

Easy Access Knobs and Switches - More than 1,000 accidents occur daily in the US that are caused by a distracted driver. In many cases, a distraction has something to do with adjusting the radio, heater, or even the knobs on the vents. One modern safety feature many pickups boast is larger, easier to access knobs that are much easier to control with just a quick glance, or by not even looking at all. For example, the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 comes equipped with knobs and buttons that are large enough to be controlled, even while wearing gloves, according to TheCarConnection.com.

Large Digital Displays - A lot of modern trucks come fully equipped with digital displays, whether it is in the form of an integrated GPS system or audio system. While it may be easy to assume that a larger screen would be more of a distraction, a larger screen will actually make it possible for you to make adjustments more quickly because you can see what you are doing.

Slightly Widened Wheel Bases - A wheel base that is just slightly wider will provide even more stability for a larger vehicle on the road. You may not visibly notice that a newer pickup has a widened wheel base, but you may be able to tell the difference when you drive. Even though more stability will be provided, you may not be able turn quite as sharply, but the difference is minimal and well worth the added safety.

When you are walking through the lot at an auto dealership, such as Ranger Chevrolet-Buick-GMC, it is a good idea to take note of safety features that may not be so apparent. By doing so, you will end up with a vehicle that is even more capable of providing you with a safe trip when you take it home to be yours.