Top Three Trends In Auto Sales For 2015 And 2016

The auto industry is always coming up with new technology and new designs to keep bringing buyers to dealerships. The top three trends for the 2015 and 2016 model years may come as no surprise. However, these are important trends to focus on for dealerships that want to increase sales, bring in new customers and entice previous customers to come back again.

Crossover Vehicles and Subcompact SUVs

Crossover vehicles and Subcompact SUVs built on passenger car platforms are becoming increasingly popular with buyers. The increased popularity of these vehicles are driving sales up for dealerships. These subcompact vehicles offer all the functionality and versatility of their larger brothers, while getting better fuel mileage and keeping expenses down for their owners. They are also different from the same old boring sedans and minivans, so they appeal to younger buyers and those who are looking for something unique.


Many car buyers are looking for more technology, and automakers are happy to provide. Gone are the days of bulky cassette tapes and boxes of CDs spilling all over the backseat. Now, Bluetooth capability not only allows drivers to listen to their favorite music while they drive, it also allows them to talk to friends and family and give some commands to the vehicle via Bluetooth. Many automakers are offering wifi in the newest models. Some vehicles allow up to eight devices to be used in one vehicle at the same time. Other technological advances have been made in on-board navigation systems. Displays are becoming crisper with clearer graphics. Better navigation information is provided to drivers. Some companies even include directional information on the Heads-Up Display directly in front of the driver, in addition to the navigation console in the center of the dash. This allows the driver to stay focused on the road. On-board DVD players that include multiple monitors placed strategically throughout the vehicle are great choices for families and those who take long road trips.

Fast Cars and Bigger Engines

Gas prices are again dropping to record lows, and fuel economy is becoming less of a major concern for some buyers. Many buyers are opting for vehicles with a fast V-8, over a car with a smaller engine and better mileage. Dealerships are taking advantage of these low fuel prices to advertise and sell V-8 cars and trucks that are fun but not the most economical during a gas crunch.

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