Now That You'Ve Passed The Road Test, Which Harley Should You Pick

Riding a motorcycle can be one of the most freeing experiences. Going through the necessary steps to get licensed is worth that sense of freedom. Now that you have the lessons, the license, and passed the road test, it's time to get your own ride.

If you're the type that has dreamed about riding a Harley, then this article will help you narrow down which model is best for you. There are two Harleys that are good novice bikes. One is for people who want a lighter, sportier ride, the other is for people who want that classic "big bike" look that Harley is famous for.


The Harley Sportster is one of the companies most famous models. It is lighter and more compact than other Harleys, and also has a very nice price point. This makes it very attractive to first time motorcycle buyers who are on a budget, and also don't want a huge touring bike.

The Sportster is a classic design that has been around for many decades. The idea for a smaller, sportier bike came about because of the influx of British motorcycles like the Triumph. People who were uncomfortable on the big, thundering motorcycles liked the sleeker style that the English bikes had. So Harley went ahead and designed the Sportster. People loved it and it has remained a classic ever since. It still has the power and look of a Harley, except it is a bit more manageable.

There are several variations of the Sporster. The two most popular are the Iron 833 and the 1200. The Iron 833 is less expensive, has a smaller engine,a lighter body, and gets more miles per gallon. The 833 is the best pick for the new rider.

It clocks in at around 562 pounds, and has a seat that is 25 inches off the ground. This makes it a nice height for those who don't want that really low, Fatboy or Softail style seat. You will  be up high enough to scope out the cars traveling around you. This is important for new riders who have yet to become super comfortable on the roads. You will have enough power to ride on highways, or down local streets. It's not a monster engine that will tear off as soon you kick off into gear.

Dyna Wide Glide

If you are looking for the classic "big" Harley, then the Dyna Wide Glide is a perfect beginners motorcycle. It's offered at a lower price than some of the other big bikes (Fat Boy, Road King, Electra Glide) but still gives you that classic big Harley look, sound, and ride.

The Wide Glide has a big engine that outputs 77 horsepower. If you're concerned about being able to accelerate out of the way of tailgating cars, or avoid trucks that change lanes without considering riders, then that horsepower is a godsend. This is a big bike that can really move. As important is the ABS design that makes sure the bike will stop when you need it to. This can be a lifesaver for new riders who can't anticipate reckless automobile drivers or dangerous traffic patterns yet.

The bike weighs in at 683 pounds and has an adjustable suspension system. You can modify the suspension with a simple spanner wrench. The bike also can accommodate forward mounted controls, which makes it perfect for people who want to stretch out when they ride, or for really tall riders who cannot comfortable ride with their feet straight down.

So if you want a big bike, and are planning on doing a lot of freeway, highway or interstate traveling, then the Wide Glide is ideal. For more information, contact a dealer that sells new and used harley motorcycles