3 Questions You Should Always Ask When At A Dealership

Everyone knows that person who is able to go to a dealership and walk out with the best deal on the lot. You, on the other hand, may feel like you can never get the salesman to budge on price and always feel like you are overpaying. There are tactics that you can use to help you get the better deal by simply asking the right questions. Here are some of the questions you should be asking before you finalize on the price of your car:

1. What Is Each Fee For?

At a dealership, there will be many fees that will be tacked onto the price. Some of these fees are set in stone, and you can't get around them, like taxes and registration. That is a price that the state sets and the dealership really doesn't have any way to discount that. But there are many other fees that are not set in stone. Make sure before you agree on the price that you are aware what every fee is for, and make sure that you are asking if you can get the fee waived. You can simply say, "I am not paying that fee" or "I need to be out the door for this price; you get either drop the price of the car or drop that fee" and so forth.

2. Is There A Better Deal From A Different Seller?

Having two dealerships bid against each other is one of the best ways to get a better deal on the car. You should contact two different dealerships about a similar car and tell them what the other will do for you and ask them to beat it. For instance, if you are buying a Honda civic, call two Honda dealers and have them each give you their best price. Let the higher bid know what the lower bid was and ask them to beat it. Go back and forth like this until you get a bid you are happy with.

3. When Does This Current Sale End?

Lastly, dealerships are more likely to make a deal if you wait until they are at the end of their fiscal month or year. They have a quota that they need to me, so they will negotiate more if they need to sell their inventory. The sign of the end of the fiscal month or year is when promotions change over.

By knowing these things, you can save money on your car. Contact a dealership that has new Ford cars for sale for more information and assistance.