3 Things To Talk To Your Used Car Dealership About

If you need to get a new car, then you have a few options: you can buy a brand-new car from a dealership, a used car from a used car dealership, or a used car from a private owner. How much money you have and what you're looking for will help you make the best possible decision for you. If you decide to go with a used car dealership, then this article is definitely for you. Before you sign the papers and drive the car off the lot, however, make sure that you talk to your dealership about the following things.  


Sometimes dealerships will offer limited warranties that cover things such as major problems with the engine, transmission, or drive system. Make sure to ask your used car dealership about what types of warranties they offer and how much they cost. If you are unclear about what the warranty entails, make sure to have someone at the dealership explain it to you detail by detail; that way, you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. 

Car Facts

You want to know what kind of car you are purchasing and whether or not it has been in any car accidents. To really know what your car has been through and to see what it's worth, ask the car dealership to show you the car facts online. Typically, all they have to do is enter the VIN number into the system, and it will pull up all information on the car regarding accidents, mileage, and how much the car is worth. 


Remember that you are the customer and that for the most part, the used car dealership will have some wiggle room as far as the pricing goes. Even though you aren't going to want to come in with an offer that's significantly lower, you can ask for things like a few hundred dollars off or some new accessories for your vehicle. If they aren't willing to negotiate on the price with you, then you can ask what (if anything) they are willing to throw in for free. Remember that it never hurts to ask. 

When you go to buy your car from a used car dealership, you can expect to be treated well by everyone involved. To make sure that you are getting the best deal, make sure to talk to the used car dealership about the things listed in this article.