Advantages of Aluminum Trailers

If you are in the market to buy a trailer for towing or hauling things, do not be convinced that you need to buy one made of steel. In fact, you may find that an aluminum trailer is a much better option for your needs. While it is true that steel is stronger than aluminum, there are many advantages to aluminum, especially when it mixed in an alloy. Here are just a few advantages you will have when you skip the steel units.

Easier on Your Hauling Vehicle

Aluminum and all its alloys are much lighter than steel. This means that you won't be using as much gas as you would if you were pulling a steel trailer. In addition, since the aluminum trailer is so much lighter, it will not put as much wear and tear on your transmission. If you will be doing a lot of hauling, you will end up having to replace your transmission a lot sooner if the trailer is made of steel. You may also find the truck needs a lot more repairs simply due to the weight it is pulling.

Pull Larger Loads

Another benefit to a lighter trailer is the fact that you can haul more before hitting the limit of what your vehicle can do. If you have a truck that is rated to safely pull 1,000 pounds and the trailer weighs 300 pounds, you will only be able to load 700 pounds worth of stuff. However, if the trailer only weighs 100 pounds, you can haul 900 pounds worth of stuff. If you have a lot to haul and will be making several trips, then having a lighter trailer will allow for fewer trips and even less gas used.


Steel can rust and corrode if not properly maintained. This means you will constantly have to touch up any scraps or dings where the paint has come off. Aluminum does not rust. You can simply spray it down to clean it and not have to worry about the paint if you don't want to. Of course, if you do want to repaint it, stripping the old paint from aluminum takes a simple acid wash whereas you have to manually strip the paint from steel before applying a new coat.

Take a trip to a trailer sales yard like Ace Trailer Sales to see what they have to offer. Discuss what you will use the unit for, how often it will be used, and where you will store it. While steel trailers have their benefits and uses, you may find that what will suit you best is one made of aluminum.